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IDDP: Established in 1999, the International Double Degree Program (IDDP) is jointly run by Kasetsart University (KU) in Bangkok, Thailand and RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. The program aims to deliver graduates with qualification and skills in both Aerospace Engineering and Business Management. The IDDP has been developed specifically to meet current and future demands of industry.

International Double Degree Program’s graduates may seek engineering or business management related employment. The skills developed in this program prepare students to work in a wide range of companies whose business is based on technology. Most graduates from IDDP eventually take up middle and senior management roles both in Thailand and across the world.

Aerospace Engineering

The field of Aerospace Engineering involves the design and analysis of vehicles that travel through the atmosphere (aero) and beyond atmosphere (space). These include aircraft, helicopters, missiles, rockets, satellites, and even parachutes and hang gliders. Since thorough understanding of these vehicles involves the study of many core areas of engineering; aerospace engineers can work in diverse field such as automobile design and engineering, wind-energy generation and conversion, acoustical engineering, and many others. Aerospace engineering offers good employment rates at competitive salaries and opportunities to travel and work overseas.

Aerospace engineering is complex and demanding; requiring talented, creative and motivated people. Well-developed skills in Mathematics and Physical Sciences, as well as communication, are crucial to success in this program.

Business Management

Why should I consider combining engineering and business studies? Engineering is essentially about identifying problems and then analyzing and solving them. Practical solutions often involve not just technology, but also financial and social factors. By studying business management, engineers learn to deal with a range of complex issues involving planning, organizing, coordination, and direction of the resources of organizations. They will understand how to make business decisions in the environment of economic and social change. As managers; engineers will contribute to the planning of their organization’s activities, manage and develop staffs, and resolve problem with well-considered solutions.



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